Mathematics for Natural Scientists II [E-Book] : Advanced Methods /
Foundations of Vector Retrieval [E-Book] /
Group Theory in Physics [E-Book] : An Introduction with a Focus on Solid State Physics /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Groups: Definitions and Properties -- Point Groups -- Representations and Characters -- Orthogonality Theorems -- Quantum Mechanics and Group Theory -- Irreducible Representations of the Point Groups in Solids -- Group Theory...

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Neural Information Processing [E-Book] : 30th International Conference, ICONIP 2023, Changsha, China, November 20-23, 2023, Proceedings, Part II /
Table of Contents: ... Level Sentiment Analysis -- New predefined-time stability theorem and applications to the fuzzy stochastic memristive neural networks with impulsive effects -- Removing Double Descent with Data-dependent Regularization under Non-Asymptotic View -- FE-YOLOv5...

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Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime [E-Book] : 14th EAI International Conference, ICDF2C 2023, New York City, NY, USA, November 30, 2023, Proceedings, Part II /
Table of Contents: ... semantics -- Password Managers and Vault Application Security and Forensics: Research Challenges and Future Opportunities -- Lattice-based Secret Sharing Scheme (Chinese Remainder Theorem) -- A PUF based Audio Fingerprint Based for Device Authentication...

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Lectures on quantum mechanics. Volume 2: Simple systems [E-Book] /
Back-of-the-envelope quantum mechanics [E-Book] : with extensions to many-body systems, integrable PDEs, and rare and exotic methods /
Table of Contents: ... of observables and perturbation theory -- Variational problems -- Gravitational well: a case study -- Miscellaneous -- The Hellmann-Feynman theorem -- Local density approximation theories -- Integrable partial differential equations -- Rare and exotic methods...

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A History of Kinematics from Zeno to Einstein [E-Book] : On the Role of Motion in the Development of Mathematics /
Introduction to Quantum Computing [E-Book] : From a Layperson to a Programmer in 30 Steps /
Table of Contents: ..., Density Matrix, and Entanglement Entropy -- Quantum Gate Introduction; NOT and C-NOT Gates -- SWAP, Phase Shift and CC-NOT (Toffoli) Gates -- Walsh-Hadamard Gate and its Properties -- Two Quantum Circuit Examples -- No-Cloning Theorem and Quantum Teleportation...

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Bio/CMOS Interfaces and Co-Design [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Sensing -- nanotechnology to enhance electron transfer -- Bio/CMOS interface in Constant Bias.-Bio/CMOS interface in Voltage Scan -- Appendix 1 - Basic Chemistry -- Appendix 2 - Basic Configurations of Operational Amplifiers -- Appendix 3 - The Fourier Theorem...

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The Advancing World of Applied Electromagnetics [E-Book] : In Honor and Appreciation of Magdy Fahmy Iskander /
Table of Contents: ... diagnosis modality -- Real-time quantitative reconstruction methods in microwave imaging -- Electromagnetics in medical applications: The cardiopulmonary stethoscope journey -- The Ewald-Oseen extinction theorem and the extended boundary condition method...

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Materials Data Science [E-Book] : Introduction to Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Data-Driven Predictions for Materials Science and Engineering /
Polytopes and graphs [E-Book] /
Proven impossible : elementary proofs of profound impossibility from Arrow, Bell, Chaitin, Gödel, Turing and more [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Yes you can prove a negative! -- Bell's impossibility theorem(s) -- Enjoying Bell magic -- Arrow's (and friends') impossibility theorems -- Clustering and impossibility -- Godel-ish impossibility -- Turing undecidability and incompleteness -- Chaitin...

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Fundamental Mathematical Concepts for Machine Learning in Science [E-Book] /
Lecture Notes in Analog Electronics [E-Book] : Noise in Electronic Circuits and Low Noise Amplifier Design /
Studies in theoretical physics. Volume 2. Advanced mathematical methods [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... transformations -- 3.7. Tensor equations and the quotient theorem -- 3.8. Covariant derivatives of a tensor -- 3.9. Intrinsic derivative -- 3.10. Homework assignment...

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Computability and Complexity [E-Book] : Foundations and Tools for Pursuing Scientific Applications /
Theory and Applications of Models of Computation [E-Book] : 18th Annual Conference, TAMC 2024, Hong Kong, China, May 13-15, 2024, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ...-Interval Restricted Tests -- An Improved Kernel and Parameterized Algorithm for Almost Induced Matching -- A Tight Threshold Bound for Search Trees with 2-Way Comparisons -- Kleene Theorems for Lasso and ω-Languages -- Tight Double Exponential Lower Bounds...

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Causality rules : dispersion theory in non-elementary particle physics [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...1. Introduction -- 2. Some rules for sum rules -- 2.1. Causality and analyticity -- 2.2. Derivation of dispersion relations -- 2.3. Crossing symmetry -- 2.4. Unitarity -- 2.5. Low-energy theorems and sum rules -- 2.6. Relaxing the convergence condition...

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