Magnetic resonance in food science : defining food by magnetic resonance [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... processing suitable tools for the dairy industry / R. Anedda -- NMR spectroscopic studies in saffron authenticity and quality (within the frame saffronomics cost action FA1101) / R. Consonni, L. R. Cagliani, M. G. Polissiou, E. A. Petrakis, M. Z. Tsimidou...

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High-Precision Studies of Compact Variable Stars [E-Book] /
Nano-Structures for Optics and Photonics [E-Book] : Optical Strategies for Enhancing Sensing, Imaging, Communication and Energy Conversion /
Table of Contents: ... Optomechanics: Opportunities for Tunable Nanophotonic Devices -- Fluorescence-Based Studies of Nanoparticles -- Incandescent Lamp-Like White-Light Emission from Doped and Undoped Oxide Nanopowders -- An Approach in the Structural and Spectroscopic Analysis of Yb3...

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Asteroseismology of Stellar Populations in the Milky Way [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... and Asteroseismology of Red Giants -- Open Clusters: Probes of Galaxy Evolution and Bench Tests of Stellar Models -- Exploiting the Open Clusters in the Kepler and CoRoT Fields -- Photometric Stellar Parameters for Asteroseismology and Galactic Studies -- Spectroscopic...

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Studies in natural products chemistry. Volume 44 [E-Book] /
Studies in natural products chemistry. Volume 45 [E-Book] /
Anthropic awareness : the human aspects of scientific thinking in NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry [E-Book] /
Intra- and inter-species interactions in microbial communities [E-Book] /
Spectroscopic methods in mineralogy and materials sciences [E-Book] /
Advances in Gamma Ray Resonant Scattering and Absorption [E-Book] : Long-Lived Isomeric Nuclear States /
Direct Measurement of the Hyperfine Structure Interval of Positronium Using High-Power Millimeter Wave Technology [E-Book] /
Spectroscopic Instrumentation [E-Book] : Fundamentals and Guidelines for Astronomers /
Laser Assisted Nuclear Decay Spectroscopy [E-Book] : A New Method for Studying Neutron-Deficient Francium Isotopes /
Table of Contents: ...Theoretical Considerations for Laser Spectroscopy -- Theoretical Considerations for Nuclear Decay Spectroscopy -- Experimental Setup at ISOLDE -- Collinear Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy -- Laser Assisted Nuclear Decay Spectroscopy -- Spectroscopic...

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Spectra and Dynamics of Small Molecules [E-Book] : Alexander von Humboldt Lectures /
Table of Contents: ...Preface -- Introduction -- Hierarchy of Terms in the Effective Hamiltonian -- Spectroscopic Perturbations: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous -- The Effective Hamiltonian for Diatomic Molecules -- Rotation of Polyatomic Molecules -- Quantum Beats...

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Membrane Trafficking [E-Book] : Second Edition /
Table of Contents: ... and Spectroscopic Techniques to Investigate Lipid Droplet Formation and Turnover in Yeast -- Image-based Identification of Nuclear Export Inhibitors From Natural Products -- Correlative Video-light-electron Microscopy of Mobile Organelles -- Live Cell Imaging...

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Molecular Nanomagnets and Related Phenomena [E-Book] /
Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks [E-Book] /
Spectroscopic methods in mineralogy and material sciences /
Cryopreservation and Freeze-Drying Protocols [E-Book] /
Chemical Science of π-Electron Systems [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Pathway Analysis in Bacterial Photosynthetic Reaction Center -- Spectroscopic Analysis of the Redox Reactions of π-Conjugated Cofactors in Photosynthetic Reaction Center -- Protein-controlled Isomerization in Rhodopsins -- β-Diketiminates as Redox Non-innocent...

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