Measurement of the diameter distribution of kermels using a roller apparatus : paper presented at the 4th Dragon Quality Control Working Party meeting at Grenoble on 19 and 20 april, 1972 [E-Book] /
Advances in Cryogenic Engineering [E-Book] : Proceeding of the 1970 Cryogenic Engineering Conference The University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado June 17–17, 1970 /
Table of Contents: ... Heaters -- J-2 Film-Pool Boiling of Nitrogen from Flat Surfaces -- J-3 Experimental Effects of Pressure, Subcooling, and Diameter on Thin-Wire Film Boiling of Liquid Nitrogen -- J-4 Influence of Swirl Flow on Heat Transfer to Nitrogen in Dispersed-Flow Film...

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Highlights of Astronomy [E-Book] : As presented at the XIVth General Assembly of the I.A.U. 1970 /
Table of Contents: ... -- Analysis of Lunar Occultation Data -- Photometric Observations of the Occultations of Stars by the Moon -- Some recent Observations of Occultations by the Moon -- Angular Diameters of the Red Giants 46 Leo and ø Aqr and Parameters of some Binary Systems from...

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The effect of the deposition on coating efficiency and density in a 3 inch diameter fluidised bed : [E-Book]
The effect of the deposition on coating efficiency and density in a 3 inch diameter fluidised bed : [E-Book]
Literature 1969, Part 2 [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Stellar Parallaxes -- 112 Proper Motions, Radial Velocities, Space Motions -- 113 Stellar Magnitudes, Colors, Photometry -- 114 Stellar Spectra, Temperatures, Spectroscopy -- 115 Stellar Luminosities, Masses, Diameters, HR-Diagrams and Others -- 116 Stellar...

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A simple and rapid method for estimating the mean external diameter and density of spherical particles [E-Book]
Practical Work in Elementary Astronomy [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Cycle -- B12. The Convection Cells of Bénard -- B13. The Shape of the Corona -- B14. Radio Bursts after a Solar Flare -- The Stars -- B15. To draw a Constellation -- B16. The Apparent Magnitudes of the Stars -- B17. The Diameter of Stellar Images as a Measure...

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Molecular Scattering of Light [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... -- 1. Method of squares of the ring diameters -- 2. Method of interpretation of the noncentral interference bands -- 3. Dispersion curve method -- Appendix III -- Table I. Depolarization Factor ?u and the Kerr Constant K for Various Gases and Vapors -- Table...

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Stereology [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Second International Congress for STEREOLOGY, Chicago—April 8–13, 1967 /
Table of Contents: ... Section -- Number of Particles in Unit Volume -- Number of Particles Per Unit Volume -- The Calculation of the Mean Caliper Diameter of a Body for Use in the Analysis of the Number of Particles Per Unit Volume -- Anisotropy, Orientation in Space...

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Advances in Cryogenic Engineering [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 1965 Cryogenic Engineering Conference Rice University Houston, Texas August 23–25, 1965 /
Table of Contents: ...2O-LH2 Heat Exchangers -- H-9 Heat Transfer Domains for Fluids in a Variable Gravity Field with Some Applications to Storage of Cryogens in Space -- H-10 A Study of Bubble Motion in Liquid Nitrogen -- Equipment -- J-1 Quartz-to-Metal and Large Diameter...

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Open Tubular Columns in Gas Chromatography [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... The Influence of Temperature -- 2.5 Sample Capacity -- 2.6 Open Tubular Columns of Various Diameters -- Third Part. Preparation of Open Tubular Columns -- 3.1 Tubing -- 3.2 Coating of the Column Tubing -- 3.3 Testing of Open Tubular Columns -- 3.4 Increase...

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Advances in Cryogenic Engineering [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 1964 Cryogenic Engineering Conference (Sections A-L) /
Table of Contents: ... Well Servicing -- J-8 Supercritical Pressure Customer Station -- J-9 A Large-Scale Storage and Transfer System for Distribution of Liquid Helium as a Refrigerant Medium -- J-10 Efficiency of Low-Temperature Expansion Machines -- Seals -- K-1 Large-Diameter...

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International Water Supply Congress and Exhibition 5 subject no. 7 large diameter pipes : Conges et exposition internationaux des distributions d' eau : 5 sujet no. 7 canalisations de grand diametre : Internationaler Wasserversorgungskongress mit Ausstellung 5 Thema 7 Leitungen mit grossem Durchmesser, 29. Mai - 3. Juni 1961 Berlin /
Gauge for measuring diameters of irradiated elements [E-Book]
Morphological Astronomy [E-Book] /
Zwicky, F.
Table of Contents: ... Populations. Intergalactic Obscuration -- 42. The Frequency of Clusters of Galaxies as a Function of their Angular Diameters. Crucial Tests for the Theory of the Expanding Universe -- 43. The Total Space Occupied by the Large Clusters of Galaxies -- 44...

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A differential transformer gauge for outside and inside diameters of long tubes [E-Book]
Large diameter metal seals for nuclear rocket applications : paper V-II : [E-Book]