Dynamics of biological macromolecules by neutron scattering / [E-Book]
Nuclear magnetic resonance. Volume 40 / [E-Book]
Circular dichroism and magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy for organic chemists / [E-Book]
Handbook for highly charged ion spectroscopic research [E-Book] /
Evaluating testing, costs, and benefits of advanced spectroscopic portals : final report (abbreviated version) [E-Book] /
Life System Modeling and Intelligent Computing [E-Book] : International Conference on Life System Modeling and Simulation, LSMS 2010, and International Conference on Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment, ICSEE 2010, Wuxi, China, September 17-20, 2010. Proceedings, Part I /
Table of Contents: ...: Computational Intelligence in Utilization of Clean and Renewable Energy Resources -- Organic Acid Prediction in Biogas Plants Using UV/vis Spectroscopic Online-Measurements -- Power Quality Disturbances Events Recognition Based on S-Transform and Probabilistic Neural...

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Carotenoids : properties, effects and diseases [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Resonance raman spectroscopy of carotenoids in solution, in model, and in photosynthetic systems / Atanaska Andreeva -- Applicability of the measurement of visible spectroscopic data and color in the analysis of food carotenoids / Antonio J. Melendez...

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Aspects of African biodiversity : proceedings of the Pan Africa Chemistry Network Biodiversity Conference, Nairobi, 10-12 September 2008  / [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ... and F. Chiumira -- Spectroscopic detection of gaseous ammonia in the environment / C.B.O. Kowenje and D.C. Doetschman -- Jatropha curcas L. as a source for the production of biodiesel in Kenya / A.W. Wagutu ... [et al.] -- Jatropha biodiesel as an alternative...

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Spectroscopic properties of inorganic and organometallic compounds : techniques, materials and applications. Volume 41  / [E-Book]
Nuclear magnetic resonance. Volume 39 / [E-Book]
A Spectroscopic Atlas of Bright Stars [E-Book] : A Pocket Field Guide /
Trap level spectroscopy in amorphous semiconductors [E-Book] /
Catalysis. Vol. 22 / [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ...Preface -- Bioethanol reforming for H2 production. A comparison with hydrocarbon reforming -- Catalytica reforming of liquid hydrocarbons for on-board solid oxide fuel cell auxiliary power units -- Couplign kinetic and spectroscopic methods...

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Two-dimensional optical spectroscopy /
Table of Contents 
Infrared and raman spectroscopic imaging /
Sensors for Environment, Health and Security [E-Book] : Advanced Materials and Technologies /
Table of Contents: ...Materials and Technologies -- Metal Oxide Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Characterization in Relation with Gas Sensing Phenomena -- Spectroscopic Study of the Gas Detection Mechanism by Semiconductor Chemical Sensors -- Material Growth and Fundamental...

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Bioactive Heterocycles VII [E-Book] : Flavonoids and Anthocyanins in Plants, and Latest Bioactive Heterocycles II /
Table of Contents: ... of Bioactive Mesoionic Heterocycles -- Bioactive Phenothiazines and Benzo[a]phenothiazines: Spectroscopic Studies, and Biological and Biomedical Properties and Applications....

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Molecular Catalysts for Energy Conversion [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... -- Molecular Design of Sensitizers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells -- Fabrication of Charge Carrier Paths for High Efficiency Cells -- Environmental Cleaning by Molecular Photocatalysts -- Optical Oxygen Sensor -- Adsorption and Electrode Processes -- Spectroscopic...

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Biological Interactions on Materials Surfaces [E-Book] : Understanding and Controlling Protein, Cell, and Tissue Responses /
Table of Contents: ...Protein Adsorption to Biomaterials -- Investigating Protein Adsorption via Spectroscopic Ellipsometry -- Atomic Force Microscopy Methods for Characterizing Protein Interactions with Microphase-Separated Polyurethane Biomaterials -- Molecular Simulation...

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Spectral sensing research for surface and air monitoring in chemical, biological and radiological defense and security applications / [E-Book]