Shield Tunneling Technology in Mixed Face Ground Conditions [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... of Earth Pressure Balance TBM -- Slurry Circulation of Slurry TBM -- Multi-mode TBM -- Tunneling with Large-diameter TBM -- Formation Mechanism and Disposal Technologies of Discharge Stagnation, Clogging and Water -- Risks and Disposal Technologies for Boulder...

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Modern Hydroforming Technology [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Hydroforming of tubular parts with varied diameters -- Hydroforming of curved parts with irregular cross-sections -- Hydroforming of multi-branch thin-walled tubes -- Stress-strain analysis of hydroforming -- Equipment and tooling...

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7th EAI International Conference on Management of Manufacturing Systems [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: .... The_manufacturing_process_of_die_forging_polyamide_influence_of_the_annealing_on_the_properties_and_structure. Part II. Sustainable Communications & Information and communications technology -- Chapter 6. Application_of_the_SMART_optical_displacement_sensors_in_measuring_the_diameter_deviation_of_C45_steel_after_the_turning_process -- Chapter 7...

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Recent Advances in Manufacturing Engineering and Processes [E-Book] : Proceedings of ICMEP 2022 /
Table of Contents: ... 11. Visual Observation of the Vortex Flow from the same Diameter Circular Cylinders which Sandwiched a Partition Disk -- Chapter 12. Experimental Study of the Porous Emitter Installed in a Gas Porous Burner -- Chapter 13. Experimental and Numerical...

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Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation [E-Book] : Theory and Practice /
Table of Contents: ... -- Drip Irrigation Components -- Drip Irrigation -Planning Factors -- Hydraulics of Micro irrigation Pipes -- Drip Subunit Design with Uniform Diameter pipes in Uniform Slopes -- Design with Telescopic Pipes in Uniform and Non-uniform Slopes -- Design of Mains...

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New Perspectives on Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... of trees with diameter five under given conditions....

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Electrospun Nanofibers [E-Book] : Principles, Technology and Novel Applications /
Vascular Tissue Engineering [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols /
Table of Contents: ... of Small Diameter Tubular Grafts for Vascular Tissue Engineering Applications using Mulberry and Non-Mulberry Silk Proteins -- Fabrication and Evaluation of Tissue-Engineered Vascular Grafts with Hybrid Fibrous Structure -- Controlling Pore Size of Electrospun...

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Modelling Diesel Combustion [E-Book] /
Missile Design Guide [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ... -- 1.5 Examples of State-of-the-Art Missiles -- 1.6 Examples of Alternatives in Establishing Mission Requirements -- 1.7 Use of a Baseline Missile -- Chapter 2: Aerodynamics -- 2.1 Introduction -- 2.2 Missile Diameter Tradeoff -- 2.3 Nose Fineness and Geometry...

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Self-Powered Smart Fabrics for Wearable Technologies [E-Book] /
The Fiber-Optic Gyroscope, Third Edition [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ...B.4.3 Mode-Diameter Mismatch Loss of LP01 Mode....

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Handbook of Nanocelluloses [E-Book] : Classification, Properties, Fabrication, and Emerging Applications /
Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization : 23rd International Conference, IPCO 2022, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 27-29, 2022, Proceedings [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Variables -- A 2-Approximation for the Bounded Treewidth Sparsest Cut Problem in FPT Time -- Optimal item pricing in online combinatorial auctions -- On Circuit Diameter Bounds via Circuit Imbalances -- A Simple Method for Convex Optimization in the Oracle Model...

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Optimization, Learning Algorithms and Applications [E-Book] : Second International Conference, OL2A 2022,  Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, October 24-25, 2022, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... - Bacillus megaterium Interaction to Identify Informative Genes using Machine Learning Classifiers -- A Kernel Clustering Algorithm Based on Diameters -- Forecasting Omicron Variant of Covid-19 with ANN Model in European Countries - Number of Cases, Deaths...

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Recent Trends in Analysis of Images, Social Networks and Texts [E-Book] : 10th International Conference, AIST 2021, Tbilisi, Georgia, December 16-18, 2021, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... -- On Several Edge-Disjoint MSTs with Given Diameter in Undirected Graph with Exponentially Distributed Edge Weights -- Neural Architecture Search with Structure Complexity Control....

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Blue Skies, Blue Seas : Air Pollution, Marine Plastics, and Coastal Erosion in the Middle East and North Africa [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ... Sources and Health Effects of Different PM Diameters -- Box 3.2 Air Quality Monitoring in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates -- Box 3.3 Reforming Fuel Subsidies: Lessons from International Experience -- Box 3.4 Slashing Fuel Subsidies during Periods of Low...

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Frontiers of Algorithmic Wisdom [E-Book] : International Joint Conference, IJTCS-FAW 2022, Hong Kong, China, August 15-19, 2022, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... Coloring -- On the Transversal Number of Rank k Hypergraphs -- Exact Algorithms and Hardness Results for Geometric Red-Blue Hitting Set Problem -- Bounds for the Oriented Diameter of Planar Triangulations -- String Rearrangement Inequalities and a Total Order...

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Network and Parallel Computing [E-Book] : 18th IFIP WG 10.3 International Conference, NPC 2021, Paris, France, November 3-5, 2021, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... for BlockDevice -- A Two Tier Hybrid Metadata Management mechanism for NVM Storage System -- A Novel CFLRU-based Cache Management Approach for NAND-based SSDs -- Networks and Communications -- Taming Congestion and Latency in Low-Diameter High-Performance Datacenters...

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LATIN 2022: Theoretical Informatics [E-Book] : 15th Latin American Symposium, Guanajuato, Mexico, November 7-11, 2022, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Groups -- Computational Geometry -- Piercing Pairwise Intersecting Convex Shapes in the Plane -- Local routing algorithms on Euclidean spanners with small diameter -- On r-Guarding SCOTs - a New Family of Orthogonal Polygons -- Complexity Results on Untangling...

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