Nanophysics, Nanophotonics, Surface Studies, and Applications [E-Book] : Selected Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials (NANO2015), August 26-30, 2015, Lviv, Ukraine /
Table of Contents: ... -- Nanoindentation of DMPC-layer by Nanotubes of Various Diameters -- The Study of Properties of Paracetamol Clusters: MD Simulations -- Electric-driven Magnetization Dynamics Multilayer Nanostructures -- Phenomenological Models of Photoinduced Transition in Spin...

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The Moon's Largest Craters and Basins [E-Book] : Images and Topographic Maps from LRO, GRAIL, and Kaguya /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Refining the sequence of features -- Feature Diameter as a Function of Sequence Number -- Initial Depth and Later Isostatic Compensation -- Bouguer Gravity Patterns of Impact Features -- PreNectarian Period -- Nectarian Period -- Early...

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The Shadow of Black Holes [E-Book] : An Analytic Description /
Charge and Spin Transport in Disordered Graphene-Based Materials [E-Book] /
Algorithms for Sensor Systems [E-Book] : 10th International Symposium on Algorithms and Experiments for Sensor Systems, Wireless Networks and Distributed Robotics, ALGOSENSORS 2014, Wroclaw, Poland, September 12, 2014, Revised Selected Papers /
Gao, Jie.
Table of Contents: ... and Data Structures on Graphs Fast Rendezvous with Advice -- Computing the Dynamic Diameter of Non-Deterministic Dynamic Networks is Hard -- Improved Spanners in Networks with Symmetric Directional Antennas -- Wireless Networks -- Exploiting Geometry...

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Microstructure-Property Optimization in Metallic Glasses [E-Book] /
New Insights From Recent Studies in Historical Astronomy: Following in the Footsteps of F. Richard Stephenson [E-Book] : A Meeting to Honor F. Richard Stephenson on His 70th Birthday /
Table of Contents: ... Eclipses and Considerations about Solar and Lunar Angular Diameters in Medieval Astronomy -- The Investigation of Stars, Star Clusters and Nebulae in Άbd al-Raḥmān al-Ṣūfī's Book of the Fixed Stars -- Άbd al-Raḥmān al-Ṣūfī's 3-Step Magnitude System -- A Thorough...

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On the Shores of Titan's Farthest Sea [E-Book] : A Scientific Novel /
Experimental Algorithms [E-Book] : 14th International Symposium, SEA 2015, Paris, France, June 29 – July 1, 2015, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Algorithm for Diameters of Large Real Directed Graphs -- Graph Partitioning for Independent Sets -- Finding Connected Subgraphs of Fixed Minimum Density: Implementation and Experiments -- Combinatorial Optimization I -- On the Generation of Cutting Planes which...

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Computer Science -- Theory and Applications [E-Book] : 10th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia, CSR 2015, Listvyanka, Russia, July 13-17, 2015, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... for Outerplanar Diameter Improvement -- Editing to a Planar Graph of Given Degrees -- On the Satisfiability of Quantum Circuits of Small Treewidth -- Equations over Free Inverse Monoids with Idempotent Variables -- A Logical Characterization of Timed Pushdown Languages...

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Automata, Languages, and Programming [E-Book] : 42nd International Colloquium, ICALP 2015, Kyoto, Japan, July 6-10, 2015, Proceedings, Part II /
Table of Contents: ... for k-Center Problems in Low Highway Dimension Graphs -- A Unified Framework for Strong Price of Anarchy in Clustering Games -- On the Diameter of Hyperbolic Random Graphs -- Tight Bounds for Cost-Sharing in Weighted Congestion Games -- Distributed Broadcast...

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Automata, Languages, and Programming [E-Book] : 42nd International Colloquium, ICALP 2015, Kyoto, Japan, July 6-10, 2015, Proceedings, Part I /
Table of Contents: ... -- Approximately Counting Locally-Optimal Structures -- Proofs of Proximity for Context-Free Languages and Read-Once Branching Programs (Extended Abstract) -- Fast Algorithms for Diameter-Optimally Augmenting Paths -- Hollow Heaps -- Linear-Time List Recovery of High...

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Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications [E-Book] : 10th International Conference, WASA 2015, Qufu, China, August 10-12, 2015, Proceedings /
Xu, Kuai.
Table of Contents: ... Aware Data Acquisition Algorithm in Sensor Networks -- Constructing Virtual Backbone with Bounded Diameters in Cognitive Radio Networks -- A Simplified Attack-Defense Game Model for NSSA -- Hadoop-Based Analysis for Large-Scale Click-Through Patterns in 4G...

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Interactive Theorem Proving [E-Book] : 6th International Conference, ITP 2015, Nanjing, China, August 24-27, 2015, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ...Verified, Practical Upper Bounds for State Space Diameters -- Formalization of Error-correcting Codes: from Hamming to Modern Coding Theory -- ROSCoq: Robots powered by Constructive Reals -- Asynchronous processing of Coq documents: from the kernel up...

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Artificial Computation in Biology and Medicine [E-Book] : International Work-Conference on the Interplay Between Natural and Artificial Computation, IWINAC 2015, Elche, Spain, June 1-5, 2015, Proceedings, Part I /
Table of Contents: ...) Intra-patient Images of the Brain -- Localisation of Pollen Grains in Digitised Real Daily Airborne Samples -- Estimation of the Arterial Diameter in Ultrasound Images of the Common Carotid Artery -- Comparison of Free Distribution Software for EEG Focal...

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Dynamics in Geometrical Confinement [E-Book] /
Fun with Algorithms [E-Book] : 7th International Conference, FUN 2014, Lipari Island, Sicily, Italy, July 1-3, 2014. Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Faster Graph Diameter and Radius Computation Method.- No Easy Puzzles: A Hardness Result for Jigsaw Puzzles.- Normal, Abby Normal, Prefix Normal.- Nonconvex Cases for Carpenter’s Rulers.-How to Go Viral: Cheaply and Quickly -- Synchronized Dancing of Oblivious...

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Specialised membrane domains of plasmodesmata plant intercellular nanopores [E-Book] /
Incoming Asteroid! [E-Book] : What Could We Do About It? /
Design and Applications of Nanomaterials for Sensors [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...A Quantum Chemistry Approach for the Design and Analysis of Nano sensors for Fissile Materials, Narendra Kumar and Jorge Seminario -- Distinct Diameter Dependences of Redox Property for Armchair, Zigzag Single-walled and Double-walled Carbon Nanotubes...

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