Finite Groups 2003 [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Gainesville Conference on Finite Groups, March 6 - 12, 2003.
Ho, Chat Yin
Sin, Peter / Tiep, Pham Huu / Turull, Alexandre
Berlin : De Gruyter
1 online resource (XV, 417 S.) Ill.
De Gruyter Proceedings in Mathematics
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Main description: This is a volume of research articles related to finite groups. Topics covered include the classification of finite simple groups, the theory of p-groups, cohomology of groups, representation theory and the theory of buildings and geometries. As well as more than twenty original papers on the latest developments, which will be of great interest to specialists, the volume contains several expository articles, from which students and non-experts can learn about the present state of knowledge and promising directions for further research. The Finite Groups 2003 conference was held in honor of John Thompson. The profound influence of his fundamental contributions is clearly visible in this collection of papers dedicated to him.
Main description: Dieser Band ist eine Sammlung von Forschungsartikeln zu endlichen Gruppen. Die behandelten Themen umfassen die Klassifikation von endlichen einfachen Gruppen, die Theorie der p-Gruppen, die Kohomologie von Gruppen, die Darstellungstheorie und die Theorie der Gebäude und der Geometrie.