The abuse and misuse of the term "Austerity" Implications for OECD countries [E-Book] / Barry Anderson and Elizabeth Minneman
Anderson, Barry.
Minneman, Elizabeth.
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2014
14 p.
Finance and Investment
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Austerity has become a widely used term in economic research and popular media as many countries have recently implemented deficit reduction policies. This article begins by exploring definitions of austerity used in research and the ways these different definitions impact analysis of policy effects. The article then takes into account a number of factors that can affect the outcome of these so-called austerity measures, including economic conditions, time period, and parties impacted by the policies. Without a clear definition of austerity and the contexts under which it is implemented, a conclusive analysis of austerity’s effects cannot be conducted. This article concludes that the term "austerity" will remain a confusing term that can breed misunderstanding, social uprisings, political unrest, and ill-prescribed solutions to economic problems. JEL classification: H10, H12, H41, H60 Keywords: Austerity, spending cuts, deficits, tax increases, recession