Synthetic Membranes: Science, Engineering and Applications [E-Book] / edited by P. M. Bungay, H. K. Lonsdale, M. N. de Pinho.
Bungay, P. M., (editor)
Lonsdale, H. K., (editor) / Pinho, M. N. de, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1986
XVI, 734 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 181
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245 1 0 |a Synthetic Membranes: Science, Engineering and Applications  |h [E-Book] /  |c edited by P. M. Bungay, H. K. Lonsdale, M. N. de Pinho. 
246 3 |a Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Alcabideche, Portugal, June 26-July 8, 1983 
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490 |a NATO ASI Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ;  |v 181 
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505 0 |a Synthetic Membranes and Their Preparation -- Preparation of Asymmetric Membranes by the Phase Inversion Process -- Transport Principles — Solution, Diffusion and Permeation in Polymer Membranes -- Transport Principles — Porous Membranes -- Separation by Membranes -- Transport in Ion Exchange Membranes -- Membrane Electrodes -- Electrodialysis -- Microfiltration -- Ultrafiltration -- Reverse Osmosis -- Selectivity in Membrane Filtration -- Concentration Polarization in Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration -- Membrane Gas Separations — Why and How -- Pervaporation -- Membranes in Energy Conservation Processes -- Process Design and Optimization -- Carrier-Mediated Transport -- Liquid Membranes -- Controlled Release Delivery Systems -- Dialysis -- Biomedical Applications -- Membranes and Membrane Processes in Biotechnology -- Biological Membrane Concepts -- How to Bridge the Gap Between Membrane Biology and Polymer Science Oriented Polymers as Models for Biomembranes and Cells -- Authors -- Participants. 
520 |a The chapters in this book are based upon lectures given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Synthetic Membranes (June 26-July 8, 1983, Alcabideche, Portugal), which provided an integrated presentation of syn­ thetic membrane science and technology in three broad areas. Currently available membrane formation mechanisms are reviewed, as well as the manner in which synthesis conditions can be controlled to achieve desired membrane structures. Membrane performance in a specific separa­ tionprocess involves complex phenomena, the understanding of which re­ quires a multidisciplinary approach encompassing polymer chemistry, phys­ ical chemistry, and chemical engineering. Progress toward a global understanding of membrane phenomena is described in chapters on the principles of membrane transport. The chapters on membrane processes and applications highlight both established and emerging membrane processes, and elucidate their myriad applications. It is our hope that this book will be an enduring, comprehensive compen­ dium of the state of knowledge in the field of synthetic membranes. We have been encouraged in that hope by numerous expressions of interest in the book, coming from a variety of potential users. 
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