Low and Intermediate Energy Kaon-Nucleon Physics [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Workshop held at the Institute of Physics of the University of Rome, March 24–28, 1980 / edited by E. Ferrari, G. Violini.
Ferrari, E., (editor)
Violini, G., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1981
XII, 428 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • The Present Status of Pion-Nucleon Phase Shift Analysis
  • Pion-Nucleon Data, Dispersion Relations, and Resonances
  • Is the Pole Approximation to the Unphysical Part of the Left Hand Cut Sufficient?
  • A Review of Recent KN and $$\bar K$$N Phase Shift Analyses
  • The Low Energy Fixed-t, KN and $$\bar K$$N Amplitudes
  • The Kaon-Nucleon Interaction Near Threshold
  • KN Dispersion Theory
  • The Determination of gN?K2 from K° Regeneration Data
  • The Zerology of Kaon-Nucleon Forward Scattering Amplitudes
  • The Use of Zeros in Studying $$\bar K$$N Physics
  • Kaon-Nucleus Interactions
  • Kaon-Nucleus Scattering, Regeneration and Analyticity
  • Measurement of the Polarization Parameters For K+n ? K+n and K°p at the Momentum of 1.06,1.28, 1.39 and 1.49 GeV/c
  • Polarization In K¯p Elastic Scattering Between 0.995 GeV/c and 1.272 GeV/c
  • Polarization in K+n Elastic and Charge Exchange Scattering Between 0.851 Gev/C and 1.351 Gev/C
  • Exotic Atoms and the Kaon-Nucleon Interaction
  • The ?° and ?° Production Ratios for ?¯p and K¯P Interactions at Rest
  • Slow and Stopping K¯p Interactions in a Bubble Chamber
  • ?(l405), A CDD POLE, and the $$\bar K$$ N INTERACTION at Low Energies
  • Search for Strange Dibaryon Systems
  • Study of Reaction Involving Fragment 8Li and 8B Production by K¯ Meson Capture in Emulsions
  • Measurement of the Reactions K+n ? K+?? p and ?+n ? ?+??p at 6 and 12 Gev/C on a Transversely Polarized Deuteron Target
  • Amplitude Analysis in ?+n ? ?+?+p and K+n?K+?¯ p Reactions at 6 GeV/c
  • Determination of g??? and g??? Couplings from Adler Conditions
  • Chiral Symmetry Breaking: Kaon-Nucleon System
  • Mesic Atoms and the Sigma-Terms
  • New Techniques of Analytic Continuation and Rigorous Correlations Between Low and High Energy Scattering
  • Positivity as a Source of Asymptotic Bounds in Electron-Positron Annihilation
  • Remarks Bearing on the Interpretation of the ?(1405) Resonance
  • The Antisymmetric Spin-Orbit Interaction Between Quarks
  • Kaon Physics. Some Comments on its Status and Perspectives
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Subjects.