Intentional and Inherent Nonlinearities in Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...State-of-the-Art -- Physics Fundamentals -- Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters (PVEH) -- The Magnetic Force -- PVEH and magnetic interaction -- Hybrid-Broadband Energy Harvester (HEH): Magnetic Plucking and Indirect Impacts -- Parametric Analyses...

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Rare-earth-free ferrimagnetic Mn4N spintronics [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...1. Introduction -- 1.1. Origin of magnetic moment -- 1.2. Magnetic properties of materials -- 1.3. Magnetic domain wall dynamics -- 1.4. Spintronics applications of ferrimagnet -- 1.5. Theory of current-induced DW motion -- 1.6. Features of Mn4N...

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New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics XIV [E-Book] : Contributions to the 23rd STAB/DGLR Symposium, Berlin, Germany, 2022 /
Table of Contents: ... Equation Ansatz -- Uncertainty Quantification of Expanding High-Enthalpy Air Flows -- Influences on Langmuir Probe Measurements by an ECR Thruster with Magnetic Nozzle....

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Imaging Cell Signaling [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Experiment -- In Situ Imaging of Proteins using DNA-PAINT Super-Resolution Microscopy -- A Magnetic Pincher for the Dynamic Measurement of the Actin Cortex Thickness in Live Cells -- Measurement of Forces Acting on Single T Cell Receptors -- A Pipeline for Dynamic...

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Cell Cycle Control [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols /
Table of Contents: ... by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy -- Mechanical Characterization of Murine Oocytes by Atomic Force Microscopy -- Manipulation of Embryonic Cleavage Geometry Using Magnetic Tweezers -- Crosstalk Between Metabolism and the Cell Division Cycle -- Give and Take...

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The Latest Developments and Challenges in Biomedical Engineering [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 23rd Polish Conference on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Lodz, Poland, September 27-29, 2023 /
Table of Contents: ... of respiratory sounds -- Constructing a panoramic radiograph image based on magnetic resonance imaging data -- Mobile application for learning Polish Sign Language -- Improving the predictive ability of radiomics-based regression survival models throughincorporating...

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AETA 2022-Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering and Related Sciences: Theory and Application [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Speed Controller implementation Using Online-GA for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive -- Research, Design and Control a New Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine -- Integration of Image-Based Object Identification and Distance Estimation Algorithm...

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Food Allergens [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols /
Table of Contents: ... for Clinical Oral Challenges -- Structural Characterization of Food Allergens by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy -- Co-Culture of Human Dendritic and T Cells for the Study of Specific T Cell-Mediated Responses against Food Allergens -- Evaluation...

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The Bacterial Cell Wall [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols /
Table of Contents: ... Acid (LTA) Detection by Western Blot -- Type I Lipoteichoic Acid (LTA) Purification by Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography and Structural Analysis by 2D Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy -- Single-Copy Gene Editing of a Cell Wall-Anchored...

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Single Molecule Analysis [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols /
Table of Contents: ... to Magnetic Tweezers -- Surface Functionalization, Nucleic Acid Tether Characterization, and Force Calibration for a Magnetic Tweezers Assay -- Correlated Single-Molecule Magnetic Tweezers and Fluorescence Measurements of DNA-Enzyme Interactions -- Detecting DNA...

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Efficient Control and Spontaneous Transitions [E-Book] /
Recent Advances in Nanomaterials [E-Book] : Select Proceedings of ICNOC 2022 /
Table of Contents: ...Investigation of Microstructural, Optical, and Electronic Properties of Hydrothermally Synthesized MoS2 Decorated SnO2 -- Synthesis of Titania Nanoparticles and Assessment of Anti-Oxidant Activity -- Structural and Magnetic Studies of Nanocrystalline La...

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Proceedings of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering Annual Conference 2022 [E-Book] : Volume 3 /
Table of Contents: ... Shear Walls with Different Horizontal Reinforcement Types -- Chapter 13. A New Methodology to Predict Cumulative Plastic Ductility Capacity of Steel Buckling-Restrained Braces -- Chapter 14. Reliability Based Optimal Design of Magnetic Negative Stiffness...

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Machine Learning in Medical Imaging [E-Book] : 14th International Workshop, MLMI 2023, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2023, Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 8, 2023, Proceedings, Part I /
Table of Contents: ... Segmentation via Adaptive Representation and Aggregation -- Unlocking Fine-Grained Details with Wavelet-based High-Frequency Enhancement in Transformers -- Prostate Segmentation Using Multiparametric and Multiplanar Magnetic Resonance Images -- SPPNet: A Single...

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Progress in Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition [E-Book] : 8th International Congress on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition, IWAIPR 2023, Varadero, Cuba, September 27-29, 2023, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... in constructing a concept-based semantic representation of text using clustering techniques -- A Comparative Study of Deep Learning Methods for Brain Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction -- Improve Spanish Aspect-Based Opinion Mining Through Deep Learning Approach...

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Electromagnetic Metamaterials and Metasurfaces: From Theory To Applications [E-Book] /
12th Asian-Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering [E-Book] : Proceedings of APCMBE 2023, May 18-21, 2023, Suzhou, China-Volume 2: Computer-Aided Surgery, Biomechanics, Health Informatics, and Computational Biology /
Table of Contents: ...-independent Approach for Autonomous Retraction of Soft Tissue -- A Soft Robot Using Magnetic-pneumatic Hybrid Actuation That Functions in Unstructured Environments -- A VR Environment for Cervical Tumor Segmentation Though Three-dimensional Spatial Interaction...

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Reference Materials in Measurement and Technology [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Fifth International Scientific Conference RMMT 2022 /
Table of Contents: ... Reference Materials -- Research of Reference Materials of Temperature and Specific Enthalpy of Phase Transitions of Metals and Metal Salts -- Development of Reference Materials for AC Magnetic Properties of Cold-rolled Non-oriented Electrical Steel -- Certified...

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Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2024 [E-Book] : Process-Structure-Property Relations and New Technologies /
Functional Smart Nanomaterials and Their Theranostics Approaches [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ..." nanoparticles for trimodality imaging‐guided intracellular photo‐magnetic hyperthermia therapy under intravenous administration -- State of the art in integrated biosensors for organ-on-a-chip applications -- Nanotherapeutics for Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy...

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