Chemistry challenges of the 21st century [E-Book] : 100 years of Solvay conferences : 26th International Solvay Conference on Chemistry, Hotel Plaza, Brussels, Belgium, 17-19 October 2022 /
Table of Contents: ... cyclase enzymes for challenging applications -- Discussions of session 5: Directed protein evolution for green chemistry -- RNA replication and the origins of life -- Systems chemistry assembly of RNA and peptides -- From prebiotic chemistry to the beginnings...

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Progress in Botany Vol. 84 [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Explorations into the Physiology and Ecology of Grassland Plants and Ecosystems: One Agronomist's Academic Journey -- Origins of Life: A Proposal for an Alternative Approach -- Regulatory Roles of Small RNAs in Forest Trees -- Serine Metabolic Networks...

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Glycoimmunology in Xenotransplantation [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Preface -- Table of Contents -- Keywords -- Chapter 1 Origin of Life and Diversity of Glycan -- Chapter 2 Current State of Xenotransplantation -- Chapter 3 Pig as Best Source for Clinical Xenotransplantation -- Chapter 4 Glycan Antigens of Pig...

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Abiogenesis [E-Book] : The Physical Basis for Living Systems /
The Chemistry of Biology [E-Book] : Basis and Origin of Evolution /
Table of Contents: ... of inorganic compounds with carbon residues -- The singular properties of carbon as the basis for the origin of life -- From chemical structures and single reactions to complex biochemical networks -- Determinacy, flexibility, and contingency in biochemistry...

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Brief Lessons in Microbiology [E-Book] : From the Origin of Life to Artificial Intelligence /
Microbial Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Ecosystem Sustainability [E-Book] /
Bioinformatics [E-Book] : An Introduction /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Part I: Overview -- Genotype, Phenotype and Environment -- Regulation and Control -- Evolution -- Origins of Life and Earth Prehistory -- Part II: Information -- The Nature of Information -- The Transmission of Information -- Sets...

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Molecular Storms [E-Book] : The Physics of Stars, Cells and the Origin of Life /
The Nature of Living Being [E-Book] : From Distinguishing Distinctions to Ethics /
Prebiotic chemistry and life’s origin [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... -- Soft Matter Science in Prebiotic Chemistry and the Origins of Life -- The Miller–Urey Experiment's Impact on Modern Approaches to Prebiotic Chemistry -- From Amino Acids to Peptides before the Coming of Ribosomes -- Prebiotic Chemistry of Nucleobases...

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Evolution from a Thermodynamic Perspective [E-Book] : Implications for Species Conservation and Agricultural Sustainability /
Table of Contents: ... in the Georgia Piedmont -- Thermodynamic Interpretation -- References -- 12. A Thermodynamic View of Evolution -- 12.1 Life - A Physicist's View -- 12.1.1 Life is Produced by Capturing Entropy -- 12.1.2 The Origin of Life -- 12.2 Two Approaches to Evolution -- 12.2.1...

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Biodiversity [E-Book] : Maintenance, Function, Origin, and Self-Organisation into Life-Support Systems /
Table of Contents: ... and summary -- 18 The origin of life, and self-assembly of modern nutrient cycles -- 19 Appearance of modern ecological pyramids. Summing-up -- 20 Supercompetitors. Homo sapiens as a consumer of biodiversity -- 21 Has Darwin's theory really become obsole...

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Prebiotic photochemistry : from Urey–Miller-like experiments to recent findings [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...-first Scenarios of the Origin of Life: Cyclic GMP as the Seed of Life...

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Prebiotic Chemistry and the Origin of Life [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... for the Origin of Life on Earth -- Homochirality: a Prerequisite or Consequence of Life? -- Origin of Nucleic Acids -- Abiotic Synthesis and Role of Amphiphiles in the Encapsulation Process in Life's Origin -- First Steps towards Molecular Evolution -- Virus Origins...

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The Singularity of Nature : A Convergence of Biology, Chemistry and Physics [E-Book] /
Our Place in the Universe - II [E-Book] : The Scientific Approach to Discovery /
Kwok, Sun
Table of Contents: ... -- Is the Universe Finite? -- Early History of the Earth -- Common Ancestors -- Origin of Life -- Complexity in the Universe -- Evolution of the Earth through the Ages -- Earth as an Integrated System -- Life Cycles of Stars -- Life in other Worlds -- Our Place...

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Conversations about Physics. Volum 2 [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ...? -- Continuing the Conversation -- Pushing the Boundaries -- A conversation with Freeman Dyson -- Introduction -- I. Debating Exceptionalism -- II. In Praise of Rebels -- III. Against Reductionism -- IV. Foundational Issues -- V. Current Mysteries -- VI. The Origin...

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Biosemiotics and Evolution [E-Book] : The Natural Foundations of Meaning and Symbolism /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Part I: Life, meaning, and information -- Exploring the philosophical background and scientific foundations of naturalist approaches to meaning and symbolism -- Life sciences and the natural history of signs: can the origin of life...

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Semiotic Agency [E-Book] : Science beyond Mechanism /
Table of Contents: ...Chapter1. Introduction -- Chapter2. Historical Overview of Developments of the Notion of Agency -- Chapter3. Human Agency -- Chapter4. Agency in Non-Human Organisms -- Chapter5. Origins of Life -- Chapter6. Conceptualizing Agency -- Chapter7. Semiosis...

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