Recombinant and In Vitro RNA Synthesis [E-Book]: Methods and Protocols / edited by Graeme L. Conn.
Conn, Graeme L.
Totowa, NJ : Humana Press, 2012
XIV, 274 p. 56 illus. digital.
Methods in molecular biology, methods and protocols ; 941
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Table of Contents:
  • Purification of RNA Expressed in vivo Inserted in a tRNA Scaffold.-Selective RNase H Cleavage of Target RNAs  from a tRNA Scaffold
  • Preparation of Long Templates for RNA in vitro Transcription by Recursive PCR
  • General Protocols for Preparation of Plasmid DNA Template, RNA in vitro Transcription and RNA Purification by Denaturing PAGE
  • Preparation of Short RNA by in vitro Transcription
  • Native RNA Purification by Gel Filtration Chromatography
  • Cis-acting Ribozymes for the Production of RNA in vitro Transcripts with Defined 5’ and 3’ Ends
  • Trans-acting Antigenomic HDV Ribozyme for Production of in vitro Transcripts with Homogenous 3' Ends
  • Rapid Preparation of RNA Samples using DNA-affinity Chromatography and DNAzyme Methods.-Preparation of lN-GST Fusion Protein for Affinity Immobilization of RNA
  • Affinity Purification of RNA using an ARiBo Tag
  • Plasmid Template Design and in vitro Transcription of Short RNAs within a ‘Structure Cassette’ for Structure Probing Experiments
  • In Vitro Transcription of Modified RNAs
  • End-Labeling Oligonucleotides with Chemical Tags After Synthesis
  • High-Purity Enzymatic Synthesis of  Site-Specifically Modified tRNA
  • Se-derivatized RNAs for X-ray Crystallography
  • Biosynthetic Preparation of 13C/15N-labelled rNTPs for High-resolution NMR Studies of RNAs
  • Preparative Separation of Ribonucleoside Monophosphates by Ion-Pair Reverse-Phase HPLC
  • Splint Ligation of RNA with T4 DNA Ligase..