Interrelationship Among Aging, Cancer and Differentiation [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Eighteenth Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, April 29–May 2, 1985 / edited by Bernard Pullman, Paul O. P. Ts’o, Edmond L. Schneider.
Pullman, Bernard, (editor)
Schneider, Edmond L., (editor) / Ts’o, Paul O. P., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 1985
X, 345 p. online resource.
The Jerusalem Symposia on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry ; 18
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Table of Contents:
  • Interrelationships among Aging, Cancer and Differentiation
  • Deceleration of Cancer Mortality Rates with Age and Time
  • Clinical Aspects of Cancer in the Elderly
  • Overview of the Pathobiology of Aging
  • Regulators of Growth, Differentiation and the Reversal of Malignancy
  • Transforming Genes of Human Malignancies
  • Cancer Cells as Probes of Embryonic Development
  • Alterations in Epidermal Differentiation in Skin Carcinogenesis
  • Virus Transformation as a Function of Age, Differentiation and Hereditary Factors
  • Negative Control of Viral and Cellular Enhancer Activity by the Products of the Immortalizing E1A Gene of Human Adenovirus-2
  • Expression of two Murine Gene Families in Transformed Cells and Embryogenesis
  • Methotrexate Resistance, Gene Amplification, and Somatic Cell Heterogeneity
  • Macromolecular Correlates of Cellular Senescence and Cancer
  • Dominance of in Vitro Senescence in Somatic Cell Hybridization and Biochemical Experiments
  • Studies on Gene Structure and Function in Aging: Collagen Types I and II and the Albumin Genes
  • Retrovirus-like Gene Families in Normal Cells : Potential for Affecting Cellular Gene Expression
  • The Conformational Effects of UV Induced Damage on DNA
  • DNA Supercoiling and Gene Expression
  • Intermediates in Transcription Initiation and Propagation
  • New Carbohydrate Binding Proteins (Lectins) in Human Cancer Cells and their Possible Role in Cell Differentiation and Metastasation
  • Control of Gene Expression by Oligonucleoside Methylphosphonates
  • Genetic Mechanisms in Tumor Progression, Heterogeneity, and Metastasis
  • Genes, Fragile Sites, Chromosomal Translocations, and Cancer in Aging
  • Comparison of Human and Rodent Cell Transformation by Known Chemical Carcinogens
  • Critical Molecular Events and Gene Regulation in Carcinogenesis, Differentiation and Aging
  • Monoclonal Antibodies Directed against Alkyl-Deoxynucleosides and Cell Type- and Differentiation Stage-Specific Cell Surface Determinants in the Study of Ethylnitrosourea-Induced Carcinogenesis in the Developing Rat Brain
  • Structure and Biology of Scrapie Prions
  • Diseases of Aging : Viral Genes and Perturbation of Differentiated Functions in Persistent Infection
  • Ageing and Cancer. A Common Free Radical Mechanism ?
  • Cancer in the Elderly : Clinical and Biologic Considerations
  • Cellular studies on the Interrelationship Among Cancer, Aging and Cellular Differentiation.