Superconductor Materials Science: Metallurgy, Fabrication, and Applications [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: .... Conductor Optimization with Respect to Layer Growth, Recrystalization, Kirkendall Effect,Filament Diameter and Filament Distribution -- E. Influence of Mechanical Strain on Electrical Properties -- F. Remarks About the Measurement of Critical Current Density...

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Fluidization [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... improvements in the field of large particle fluidization -- The dynamics of fast fluidization -- The structure of a 15 cm diameter gas fluidised bed operated at up to 1 m/s and seen by X-rays -- The thermal regeneration of spent activated carbon by a packed...

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Semi-Insulating III–V Materials [E-Book] : Nottingham 1980 /
Table of Contents: ... organometallic growth of chromium-doped GaAs buffer layers -- Large diameter, undoped semi-insulating GaAs for high mobility direct ion implanted FET technology -- Growth and characterization of semi-insulating GaAs for use in ion implantation -- The influence...

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Fiber and Integrated Optics [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Degree of Coherence -- A Comparison of Single-Mode and Multimode Fibres for Long-Distance Telecommunications -- Attenuation -- Fabrication -- Limiting Core Diameter for Single-Mode Operation -- Bandwidth -- Characterisation -- Bending and Microbending Losses...

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Design, construct, and test a field usable prototype system for sizing particles smaller tan 0.5 micron diameter : Draft report.
Applied Chemical Process Design [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... -- 4.4. Selection of Internals -- 4.5. Tray Column Diameter -- 4.6. Tray Overall Efficiency -- 4.7. Packed Column Design -- 4.8. Packed Column Diameter and Pressure Drop -- 5. Economic Evaluation -- 6. Fluid Flow -- 6.1. Fluid Flow—Single Phase -- 6.2. Fluid...

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Radio Astronomy and Cosmology [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Sources -- III. Angular Diameter-Redshift and Flux Density Tests -- Radio Source Angular Sizes and Cosmology -- The Angular Size — Flux Density Relation -- The Flux Density — Angular Size Distribution for Extragalactic Radio Sources -- The Angular Diameter...

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Inhomogeneous Optical Waveguides [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: .... Fabrication of Inhomogeneous Circular Waveguides -- B.1. Conventional SELFOC Fibers -- B.1.1. Fiber Diameter -- B.1.2. Change in Refractive Index Induced by Ion-Exchange Methods -- B.1.3. Results of Typical Experiments -- B.2. The New SELFOC Fibers -- B.3. SELFOC...

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Detection and Spectrometry of Faint Light [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Resolution Product -- 7.3. Variation of the Pass-Band Maximum across the Diameter -- 7.4. Position of the Passband Maximum On-Axis -- 7.5. Variations of the Passband Maximum with Temperature -- 7.6. Variations of the Passband Maximum with Time -- 7.7. Cameras...

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Implosion measurements in a high voltage, large diameter, medium density theta pinch.
Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy [E-Book] : Electron and Ion Microprobe Analysis /
Table of Contents: ... and EPMA -- II Electron Optics -- I. Electron Guns -- II. Electron Lenses -- III. Electron Probe Diameter dp vs. Electron Probe Current i -- IV. Depth of Field -- References -- III Electron Beam-Specimen Interaction -- I. Electron Scattering in Solids -- II...

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Advances in Cryogenic Engineering [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... for a Tokamak Engineering Test Reactor -- A—7 A One-Meter-Diameter, AC Superconducting Coil and Fiberglass Cryostat for an Electromagnetic Geophysical Exploration System -- Applied Superconductivity Systems Design -- B—1 Preliminary Tests of Subscale and Full...

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Advances in Cryogenic Engineering [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 1972. Cryogenic Engineering Conference. National Bureau of Standards. Boulder, Colorado. August 9–11, 1972 /
Table of Contents: ... Performance Characteristics -- I—3 Refrigeration for the Livermore Superconducting Levitron -- I—4 Spacecraft Compatibility of Cryogenic Refrigerators -- Applied Superconductivity -- J—1 MIT—EEI Superconducting Synchronous Machine -- J—2 A 60-in.-Diameter...

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Porous coatings deposited from acetylene in a 3 inch diameter fluidised bed [E-Book]
Proceedings of an international conference on Dynamic Crack Propagation [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... length on fracture propagation and arrest -- The buckling failure modes of rods with large length-to-diameter ratios impacting rigid plates....

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Interstellar Dust and Related Topics [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... in the Directions of Selected Planetary Nebulae -- The Ratio of Total to Selective Absorption from the Cluster Diameter Method -- The U, B, V, R, and I Extinctions in Four Areas of the Southern Coalsack -- Interstellar Dust: Observations in the Ultraviolet...

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Measurement of the diameter distribution of kermels using a roller apparatus : paper presented at the 4th Dragon Quality Control Working Party meeting at Grenoble on 19 and 20 april, 1972 [E-Book] /
A survey of pyrocarbon and silicon carbide coating in a 3 in diameter column [E-Book]
The effect of the deposition on coating efficiency and density in a 3 inch diameter fluidised bed : [E-Book]
The effect of the deposition on coating efficiency and density in a 3 inch diameter fluidised bed : [E-Book]