Vegetable Oil-Based Composites [E-Book] : Processing, Properties and Applications /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction to vegetable oils -- Processing and properties of vegetable oil based composites -- Manufacturing and design of vegetable oil composites -- Vegetable oil based biocomposites -- Vegetable oil based polyester composites -- Vegetable oil based...

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Advanced Composites [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Electrical Contact Materials -- Chapter 18: Organosulfur polymer composites by free radical polymerization of sulfur with vegetable oils -- Index....

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Green chemistry and green materials from plant oils and natural acids [E-Book] /
Bioactive Phytochemicals from Vegetable Oil and Oilseed Processing By-products [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Part I: General aspects -- Part II: Phytochemicals from common vegetable oil and oilseed processing by-products -- Part III: Phytochemicals from fruit oil processing by-products -- Part IV: Phytochemicals from non-traditional vegetable oil and oilseed...

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Agricultural Waste: Environmental Impact, Useful Metabolites and Energy Production [E-Book] /
ICSBE 2022 [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment /
Table of Contents: ... cyclic loading -- Damage prediction by using nonlinearity of damping -- Effects of refined coconut oil and vegetable oil on the mechanical, thermal, morphological, and biodegradable properties of cassava starch-based thermoplastic (tps) films -- Batch...

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Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Inventive Material Science Applications [E-Book] : ICIMA 2022 /
Bindhu, V.
Table of Contents: ...Wave Energy System Design of the Waraqocha Project -- Performance Characteristics of Mineral Oil Blended With Vegetable Oil -- Design of Beam Splitters by using 1D Defect Ternary Photonic Band Gap Structures -- Comparative study between different...

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Biotechnology in the generation of biofuels [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... for Diesel Formation -- Chapter 6. Biotechnological-based Production of Bio-Oil and Vegetable Oil -- Chapter 7. Biotechnology in Hydrogen Generation -- Chapter 8. Global Conclusions and Future Perspectives....

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Conservation and Restoration of Historic Mortars and Masonry Structures [E-Book] : HMC 2022 /
Table of Contents: ... Conservation -- Mortars and binders during a time of emerging industries: 19th Century Austro-Hungarian fortificationsin Montenegro -- Limewashes with vegetable oils: water transport characterization -- Chemical and mineralogical characterization of lime plaster...

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Sustainable Chemical, Mineral and Material Processing [E-Book] : Select proceedings of 74th Annual Session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (CHEMCON-2021) /
Table of Contents: ... -- Application of Epoxidized Vegetable Oil for Improving Rheological Properties of Crude Oil -- Quaternary Recycling Studies for Desalination Membrane Management -- Part II: Mineral Processing -- Kaolin: An Alternate Resource of Alumina -- Effect of Rheology...

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Ultra-Weak Photon Emission from Biological Systems [E-Book] : Endogenous Biophotonics and Intrinsic Bioluminescence /
Table of Contents: ...: quantum chemical modeling insights -- Enzymatic sources of free radicals -- Part 4. UPE research in life science -- Luminescence of animal tissues and vegetable oils -- Ultraweak photon emission from human body in relation to anatomy and histology...

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Plant Metabolic Engineering [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols  /
Table of Contents: ... Metabolomic Assay for the Analysis of Polar Metabolites -- Macrolipidomic Profiling of Vegetable Oils: The Analysis of Sunflower Oils with Different Oleic Acid Content -- Non-Targeted Lipidomics using a Robust and Reproducible Lipid Separation using UPLC...

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Development of trans-free lipid systems and their use in food products [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Concentrated O/W Emulsions Stabilized by Proteins: A Route to Texturize Vegetal Oils Without Using Trans or Saturated Fats -- Alternative Oil Structuring Techniques: Oil Powders, Double Emulsions and Oil Foams -- Use of High-intensity Ultrasound...

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Recent Advances in Edible Fats and Oils Technology [E-Book] : Processing, Health Implications, Economic and Environmental Impact /
Table of Contents: ...Chapter 1. Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats: Sources, Properties and Recovery -- Chapter 2. Exotic Oil: Sources, Properties and Recovery -- Chapter 3. Seed Oil: Sources, Properties and Recovery -- Chapter 4. Vegetable Oil Refining -- Chapter 5. MINOR...

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Soybean Improvement [E-Book] : Physiological, Molecular and Genetic Perspectives /
Biodiesel from Flowering Plants [E-Book] /
Vegetable Fiber Composites and their Technological Applications [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... with vegetable oils and strengthened with sisal fibers -- The Utilization of Vegetable Fibers in Cementitious Materials -- Cellulose fiber reinforced cement-primarily based composites -- Guaruman fiber composite any other feasible reinforcement and future -- Vegetable...

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Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: .... Treatment of vegetable oil refining wastes -- Chapter9. Environmental engineering education in the modern age -- Chapter10. Environmental control of pests and vectors -- Chapter11. Book reviews -- Chapter12. Glossary of Environmental And Natural Resources...

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Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Innovative Product Design [E-Book] : Select Proceedings of IPDIMS 2020 /
Table of Contents: ... of vegetable oil based lubricants with Nano particles on surface roughness of AISI 1020 and AA 2024 alloy -- Chapter 15. Experimental investigation, parametric optimization and cost analysis in EDM of Aluminium-Silicon Carbide metal matrix composite....

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Integrated Natural Resources Research [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: .... Agricultural waste as a low-cost adsorbent -- Chapter5. Waste vegetable oils, fats and cooking oils in biodiesel production -- Chapter6. Wastewater treatment by chemical coagulation, precipitation , sedimentation and flotation -- Chapter7. Water quality control...

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